Professional Support

RDTS Professional Support Services partners with clients to evaluate, onboard, and realize their top strategic initiatives. RDTS provides professional services including, but not limited to, Acquisition Support, Administrative Support Services, FOIA, Integrated Logistics, Research & Library Management, and Workforce Development. RDTS knows it is essential to provide quality service to your customers that are not only effective but personalized.

Current Service Offerings

• Acquisition Support
• Administrative Support Services
• Integrated Logistics

Acquisition Support –
RDTS provides DAWIA Level III/II certified specialists to provide a full gamut of acquisition support. This support starts with requirements definition and investment planning through contract closeout, preparation of acquisition plans, contract administration, requirement definition, market research, performance metrics, alternative analysis, Independent Government Cost Estimates (ICGEs), Preparation of Performance Work Statements (PWS), Statements of Work (SOWs), proposal evaluation/facilitation, and liaison with contracting officers.

Administrative Support Services –
RDTS provides administrative support staff in various functional areas such as human resources and staffing, executive administration, travel orders, personnel issues/actions, clerical, technical, scientific, mailroom operations, preparation of reports, briefings, and other related requirements.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) –
RDTS provides personnel expertise to collect, organize, review, analyze, redact documents, prepare written draft documents, draft formal responses, analyses, assessments, and provides basic concepts, methods, procedures, and guidelines of information disclosure.

Integrated Logistics – RDTS provides logistic expertise mixed with in-depth knowledge and experience, excels in supply chain management, warehouse operations, receiving, storage, physical inventory control, issue & packaging, distribution functions for commodities other than hazardous materials, special projects/surge, and sustainment, and tracking & inventory support.