Management Consulting

RDTS’ management consulting services ensure the greatest customer and stakeholder satisfaction by helping them help you achieve more with less in strategic alignment with their mission and objectives. Our strategic capabilities span the gamut of management consulting listed below:

Current Service Offerings

• Program and Project Management
• Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
• IT Governance
• Performance & Quality Management
• Risk Management
• Human Resource Services

Program Management
– RDTS’ program management services are built on our knowledge of Federal Government acquisition regulations and policies, our in-depth understanding of product life cycles, and the use of metrics and thresholds to manage risks. Each program management office requires a broad range of skills to meet the technical, cost, schedule, and reporting requirements. Our expertise in process improvement, further reinforced by our ISO 9001:2015-certified and CMMI Level 3-assessed processes, help us and our customers develop, document, and maintain sound business processes. Our staff of experts has extensive experience in many respected process improvement methodologies, including SEI CMMI, Lean Six Sigma, and ISO 9000.

Lean Six Sigma – RDTS delivers training, coaching and mentoring, project execution, and project management consulting services on Lean Six Sigma (LSS) concepts and methodologies for service and transactional process improvements. In addition, RDTS provides Lean Six Sigma practitioners that are 100%, Master Black Belt Certified.

IT Governance
– RDTS provides the analysis and process that enable agencies to execute their responsibilities supporting business/IT alignment and the creation of business value from IT-enabled investments. We deliver services in accordance with strategic plans and ensure integration with current capital planning and investment control (CPIC) processes. In addition, we assist with aligning IT investments with business priorities, business transformation needs, and the involvement of business owners throughout the IT lifecycle.

Performance & Quality Management – RDTS applies repeatable quality assurance approaches based on CMMI, ITIL, and ISO best practices to manage contract and project performance. Our documented Quality Control (QC) program ensures that day-to-day services and deliverables meet or exceed all performance and quality standards.

Risk Management
– RDTS incorporates risk planning into all our projects through a repeatable methodology adapted from SEI’s Risk Evaluation Process. Risk Management is provided at all levels and with all project stakeholders.

Human Resource
– RDTS provides leadership, guidance, and expertise in all areas related to the management of human resources, including recruitment and development of staff, management of personnel systems, and leadership in labor-management partnerships improving and supporting multiple customers and projects. In addition, we have helped our customers meet all regulatory guidelines for a compliant.